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e-discovery and e-disclosure is all about the preservation, review, production and disclosure of electronically stored information (EDI) relevant to a particular case. Effective management of ESI allows for greater efficiencies in any litigation, investigation or regulatory enquiry.

Changes to the legal framework and the expectations of parties have created the impression that e-disclosure is more complicated than ever. Coupled with rapid growth in the volumes of electronic information to be considered in each case, this has made e-disclosure seem like a daunting and costly prospect.

By using efficient technologies and streamlined processes, we can help you to reduce the timescale, complexity and cost of e-disclosure. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Why Choose Us?

Forensic best-practice
We ensure your compliance with legal disclosure requirements by using recognised forensic best-practice to capture and recover electronic information from your systems.
Capacity and flexibility
We are used to handling very large volumes of data so our e-discovery services are be supported by world-class technology and unrivalled capacity.
By using the latest in indexing and filtering technology, we deliver e-disclosure packages containg only the information you specifically request, thereby cutting down on review times and disclosure burden.
Identify, preserve and collect electronically stored information

Identify, Preserve, Collect

We identify sources of ESI, preserve them in accordance with forensic best-practice and extract material with the minimum of business disruption.

Assess and review for relevance and legal privilege

Assess and Review

Using our suite of intelligent tools, you can dramatically reduce the workload and time involved in reviewing disclosable material.

Produce electronically stored information for disclosure

Produce and Disclose

We can provide material for disclosure in a variety of formats, including Adobe PDF and load files for major legal review platforms.

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