Computer and Mobile Forensics

Digital forensics is about identifying, extracting and, where necessary, reconstructing information from electronic storage devices such as computers, hard disks, flash drives and smartphones.

Digital artefacts such as e-mails, documents, spreadsheets, instant messages, online chat, images and even embedded GPS data can help to lay the facts of a case open. Peeling away the layers of modifications and looking closely at trace evidence left behind by deletions allows us to build up a picture showing you exactly what activity has taken place.

At the outset of a case, we can convert the legal scenario into a technical strategy and ensure that all relevant bases are covered. When it comes time to present our report, we offer comprehensible, plain English findings, which don’t rely on an in-depth understanding of technical concepts.

Why Choose Us?

Forensic Best-Practice
We have more than 10 years of experience in digital forensics, meaning that our technology and processes meet the strictest quality standards.
Capacity and Flexibility
Our systems, procedures and resources are design to scale with your individual requirements, so your case always gets the attention it deserves.
Our experience and technical skill allows us to address the key issues in your case efficiently and effectively.
Preservation and capture of evidence

Preservation and Capture

We use certified tools and industry-leading expertise to preserve fragile electronic evidence for analysis and recovery. Only by engaging this level of care can you be sure of reliable findings on which to base legal decisions.

Extraction and recovery of evidence

Extraction and Recovery

You can benefit from our experience in recovering damaged, deleted and historical data from computer systems and storage devices. We pay careful attention to every detail, you can be sure that you are seeing a true representation of the available electronic evidence

Reporting and presentation

Reporting and Presentation

We present our findings to you in a clear and concise report, accompanied by visual aids to clarify tricky technical concepts. Avoiding jargon wherever possible allows you to focus on meaning. We carry the same approach through to cases conferences and, ultimately, to the way we present testimony in court.

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