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Our short briefing series is designed to give legal professionals a better understanding of the key issues around digital forensics and e-discovery. For time-pressed professionals, they’re available to stream via the internet, so you can accrue CPD hours at your convenience.

Our menu of standard and bespoke technical courses covers digital forensics topics, e-discovery and e-intelligence analysis at all levels, from beginner to advance – with or without reliance on a particular vendor’s tools.

We’re used to delivering training worldwide, both to English-speaking students and through simultaneous translations. Our training courses have already found success with law enforcement, security personnel and independent specialists in the UK, Middle East, South-East Asia and Europe.

Why Choose Us?

Practical experience
We have more than 10 years of experience in digital forensics and e-discovery, so our training courses are based on up-to-date practical application. This means that attendees complete the course with a better understand of how to apply their new skills in practice.
We are used to delivering training in the UK, Middle East and South East Asia, so language isn’t a barrier. Our material is structured such that concepts are clearly explained and can be easily translated by an interpreter.
Our tool-specific training is constantly updated based on our own experience of using the applications and products covered in the courses. This means that our courses are right up to date, every time.
Briefings for professionals

Briefings for Professionals

Created for legal professionals (but available to everyone), our briefings are usually short, half-day sessions, which are designed to give a basic understanding of the value of electronic evidence and how best to identify and use it.

It would be great to see you there in person but, if you can’t make it, all of our briefings are available to stream online; just register here.

Technical training

Technical Training

Whether you are looking for training for yourself or your team, we offer a range of courses lasting between one and five days and covering topics such as digital forensics, e-discovery applications and analytical tools.

Most of our courses are vendor-neutral, which means they cover principles and techniques whilst introducing a range of software tools as the course moves forward. If you’re looking for training on a particular application, see our range of tool-specific training.

Training on vendor-specific forensic tools

Tool-Specific Training

If you’re looking to learn about a new software tool – or if you just want to develop your skills – we offer courses covering EnCase by Guidance Software, i2 Analyst’s Notebook, i2 iBase and Intella by Vound amongst others.

Like all of our courses, they are delivered in English. Our instructors are familiar with using simultaneous translation, though, and are happy to work with an interpreter to training in any language you choose.

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