Digital CCTV Recovery

The majority of modern CCTV recording devices store video and images in a digital format on hard disks of solid state media. This means that you can benefit from our expertise in the recovery of digital information to extract and reconstruct recorded footage.

Physical damage to the recording device can cause the degradation and loss of critical data, so we use establish forensic techniques to rebuild damaged hardware. We have successfully recovered large volumes of video, audio and still images from devices which have sustained extensive fire, water and vandalism damage.

Recovering the digital information is only half the story. Most recording devices use the manufacturer’s proprietary codec to store video and audio. These codecs can be difficult to identify and may not be tolerant of missing or corrupt data. Fortunately, we have experience in reconstructing a number of file types, so we can usual rebuild the extracted footage and then convert it into something that you can review more easily on DVD or as a digital media file.