eDiscovery, Digital Forensics and Training

If you have an e-disclosure requirement or if you think that e-disclosure or computer forensics might be a requirement of a current case, then please do contact us.

We have a lot of experience of dealing with large volumes of information and reducing the time and costs burden of running an e-disclosure exercise. Our e-disclosure services are backed by years of experience in digital forensics, so you can be assured of compliance and quality throughout.

We also offer our digital forensics expertise in a range of individual services, so if you need to examine evidence stored on a computer, smartphone or storage device, then we can help with that too.

eDiscovery & eDisclosure

TKM Technologies can help you to preserve, capture, organise and search large quantities of information using an efficient, cost-effective and compliant approach.Learn More

Digital Forensics

Recovering lost information, detecting tampering and identifying cases where information may have been stolen are all part of our digital forensics services.Learn More


We can provide in-house or external training covering a range of technical skills, as well as concise, practice-orientated briefings to inform legal professionals about e-disclosure and digital forensics issues.Learn More

Why Choose Us

      • Fast response times in the UK and worldwide
      • Adherence to the strictest standards and forensic best-practice
      • More than 10 years of experience of digital forensics, e-discovery and reporting
      • Extensive technological resources for fast, efficient processing and presentation
      • Free advice and consultation

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