Class-leading digital forensics and training

If you have a particular requirement, then we’re happy to provide expertise in specific areas – including digital forensics, e-discovery, e-disclosure and training – either as lead provider or by integrating into your existing team.

You need a forensic examination of a computer? No problem. You need to organise a large volume of case material for searching and review? We can handle that for you. You need an extra specialist to expand your digital evidence team for a few months? We can supply a qualified forensic examiner.

We have clients in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa and working internationally is part of our daily routine. So, if you need a particular specialism in a specific country, please do get in touch.


Class leading computer forensics, data recovery, reconstruction and expert witness services.Learn More


ESI capture and online review facilities accessible by your team from anywhere in the world.Learn More


Professional briefings, technical and vendor-specific training delivered on-site or locally to you.Learn More


Delivering all of our services to our international clients through effective technology and personal contact.Learn More

Why Choose Us

      • Fast response times in the UK and worldwide
      • Adherence to the strictest standards and forensic best-practice
      • More than 10 years of experience of digital forensics, e-discovery and reporting
      • Extensive technological resources for fast, efficient processing and presentation
      • Free advice and consultation

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